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C++ Developer

Baltimore, MD


Point3 is a team of government-trained hackers hoping to stop the trend of “sophisticated attacker breaches enterprise, steals data”. Each Point3 member has over 10 years of professional cyber security experience. Amongst their many security-related accomplishments, Point3 personnel have received a National Security Agency Director’s Team Award and have won hacking contests from DEFCON and Cyber Defense Competition events.We built Odile™ to catch people like us, people who don’t use the same tool twice. Rather than looking at specific files, we observe unavoidable side effects produced by malicious practices; practices we know intimately, having conducted prolonged stealthy campaigns against hardened targets.We built Escalate™ to train the next generation of cyber warriors. Instead of training today’s tools that address yesterday’s problems, we inspire apprentices to build their own solutions that solve tomorrow’s problems.

We are adding a Malware Analyst to our team whose primary tasks will include reverse engineering, debugging, and disassembly of a variety of architectures.

Basic Requirements

  • kernel development
  • C/C++
  • solid understanding of Windows, Linux or OSX

As a start-up, we require employees with a high degree of commitment to the cause. In addition, this is a remote position that necessitates a high degree of dedication and accountability.