Odile™ is advanced endpoint security featuring a human backed element. Unlike a traditional, automated, antivirus which searches for specific code, Odile™ detects unavoidable footprints left behind by attackers. When these footprints, or behaviors, are detected, Odile™ calls out to our professional malware analyst team who immediately begin on remediation.

 When dealing with sensitive information, response time is crucial. An attacker can remain on a network for more than 200 days before being detected. Odile™ detects malicious behavior in a fraction of the time, increasing response posture, while reducing costs associated with inevitable breaches.

 Odile is the antithesis of automated, signature based antivirus. It employs a team of professional malware analysts so you don't have to.

 It takes a human to keep us safe. It takes Odile™.

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