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Web Developer

Baltimore, MD


Point3 is a three year old startup with excellent momentum. What comes with startup life? Long hours and mass hysteria! We have an ambitious culture that revolves around identifying and cultivating cybersecurity talent from diverse backgrounds. To train the next generation of cyber warriors, We built Escalate™.

Escalate™ introduces hands-on-keyboard challenges which mentor, train, and teach members master tradecraft to malware reverse engineering, network security, disk and memory forensics, vulnerability research, offensive and defensive operations, and operational software development. The Escalate™Team is expanding and adding a Web Developer.As a member of the Escalate™ team, you will be designing and implementing features across the entire platform. Features from the back-end to user-interface will all be in your purview. In order to simulate advanced persistent threats Escalate™ incorporates many different technologies that will keep you challenged and always learning.

This position requires:

  • Extreme attention to detail and

  • The ability to work on a team

  • Be comfortable working remotely and

  • And top notch communication skills

At Minimum, you have:

  • Proficiency in: Python/Flask, Javascript, SQL

  • An understanding of databases, web servers, virtual machines, and multi-threaded applications.

  • US Citizenship. Due to our client base, this is something we must require.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Knowledge of the following technologies: Docker, nginx, OpenVPN, VMware

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